Community Resources

Many municipalities have a planning department. Their mandates can vary from municipality to municipality. Planning departments are responsible for both short-term and long range community planning wi...Read More
Green Communities Active & Safe Routes to School is a comprehensive community-based initiative that taps into the increasingly urgent demand for safe, walkable neighbourhoods. Active & Safe Ro...Read More
With a little planning and consideration, you might find that walking, cycling or taking transit to run errands or commute is as efficient as taking your car. These options can help you save money on ...Read More
Walkabiltiy in a Rural Setting Walkabiltiy principles are applicable to rural communities. The intent of a walkable community is not to make the entire countryside “walkable” but instea...Read More
There are no sidewalks where I live.  How do I change that? The following provides some guidelines around specific areas that you could focus on: • Sidewalks should be installed on...Read More
Contact Your Elected Official
Your elected officials need to hear from you about why you think walkable communities are important! Local Councillors – visit your city/town/county’s website to find a listing of your local c...Read More
Walking and Biking www.canadawalks.caThe mission of Canada Walks is to make walkable communities the social and cultrual norm in Canada. The website features projects of Canada Walks, best practic...Read More